Bike Turn Box

What is a bike turn box?

The bike turn box design allows bicyclists to make left turns in two traffic signal phases. Bicyclists use the box by riding toward the far side of an intersection, waiting in the green box, and then proceeding on green with cross traffic.

The first turn box

Salt Lake City's first bike turn box was installed in November 2011, at the intersection of Main Street and 200 South. This design provides a safe and legal way for bicyclists to turn left across the Trax line on Main Street. The turn box makes this left-turn method more visual for pedestrians and motorists as well as bicyclists.

While this is Salt Lake City's only turn box to date, many intersections downtown and throughout the City are well-suited for this design as part of future bikeway improvements.

New design

The bike turn box design was taken from the new Urban Bikeway Design Guide put together by U.S. cities interested in promoting bicycle facility innovation. Salt Lake City endorsed the new manual in July 2011 as a guiding document for local bikeway designs.