Transforming Downtown Streets

Salt Lake City seeks to make bicycling more accessible for people of all ages and skill levels, as a matter of improving the City's livability, sustainability, air quality, economy, and public health. Several new "low-stress" bikeways connect neighborhoods to downtown, and provide transportation choice for those who may not be comfortable riding on city streets in traffic or with paint-only bike lanes.

As key pieces of this network, several Salt Lake City streets have recently had substantial improvements to transform them into places for people and businesses, and to improve the connections from nearby neighborhoods to the heart of downtown.

About the Projects

300 South Protected Bike Lane:

300 South (Broadway) had the addition of a protected bike lane, center median islands, improved pedestrian crossings, local artwork, artistic bike racks, planters, and colored pavements. Since the project's completion in Fall 2014, both business and bicycling are up on the corridor. This route will eventually extend east to the University of Utah.

Please see the project page for more information.

200 West Improvement Project:

The 200 West Improvement Project followed on a utility upgrade, and included pavement resealing, the installation of a protected bike lane, crosswalk improvements, and planters painted by local artists. This project was completed in Fall 2015.

Please see the project page for more information.

600 East Neighborhood Byway:

The Neighborhood Byway enhances 600 East as a low-speed, low-volume street optimized for comfortable and convenient bicycle and pedestrian travel. The primary change to the street will be the addition of safer crossings at busy streets (2100 South, 1300 South, 900 South, 800 South). Known in some cities as "bicycle boulevards," neighborhood byways are great places to walk, ride, or live, while providing key connectivity to destinations including shopping areas and parks. This project was constructed in Summer/Fall 2015.

Please see the project page for more information.