Year of the Bike

What happened in the "Year of the Bike"?

Salt Lake City joined partners Salt Lake County, University of Utah, Utah Department of Transportation, Utah Transit Authority, Wasatch Front Regional Council, Davis County and the National Park Service in officially designating 2013 as "Year of the Bike" to recognize and promote the many bicycle events, programs, and infrastructure projects happening in the Salt Lake region in 2013.

Check out this video of the announcement.

Over the past few years, bicycling in the Salt Lake area has increased dramatically. In 2013, the Salt Lake region crossed a tipping point for bicycle use, with a multitude of programs and infrastructure planned for the coming months. Find out more about each of the events, programs, and projects below.

Support Year of the Bike

People from all over Utah signed a pledge to support better bicycling in Utah.

Kylie FarrisSalt Lake City, UT
Josh LeeSalt Lake City, UT
Dan ROgden, UT
Shaun JacobsenSalt Lake City, UT
April PocorusSalt Lake City, UT
Alexandra ZimmermannSalt Lake City, UT
Chris TaylorOgden, UT
Deborah ByrnesSalt Lake City, UT
Tim RogersAlta, UT
Kate ParkinsonSalt Lake City, UT
John MaynesSalt Lake City, UT
Terry MartinSalt Lake City, UT
Kevin HashimotoSalt Lake City, UT
Justin BergSouth Jordan, UT
Anton SchauerteDetroit, MI
Corey J SmithSouth Jordan, UT
Matt RigbySalt Lake City, UT
Chris ShopeSalt Lake City, UT
Dave IltisSalt Lake City, UT
Angela McKinneyHolladay, UT
Amy KopischkeCottonwood Heights, UT
Christopher QuannSalt Lake City, UT
Camille BarileSalt Lake City, UT
David ProffittSalt Lake city, UT
Tim BardsleySalt Lake City, UT
Kate GriffinSalt Lake City, UT
Charles JohnsonSalt Lake City, UT
Tim ThomasSalt Lake city, UT
Aaron ErnstMillcreek, UT
William AtheySalt Lake City, UT
Duane WattersClinton, UT
Ken RichleySalt Lake City, UT
Shawn TeigenSalt Lake City, UT
Megan HallettSalt Lake City, UT
Jeff BeckSalt Lake City, UT
Chris MagerlSalt Lake City, UT
Tyler AshcrofMurray, UT
Trent DuncanSouth Jordan, UT
Lyle PhelpsWest Valley City, UT
Kelly PetersonSalt Lake City, UT
John DavisSalt Lake City, UT
Jasmine ClarkeSalt Lake City, UT
Betsy KlebaSalt Lake City, UT
Mark PuddySalt Lake City, UT
Alyssa GentrySalt Lake City, UT
Scott LyttleSalt Lake City, UT
Paul CarboneSalt Lake City, UT
Hugh Van WagenenPleasant Grove, UT
Joe BormanSalt Lake City, UT
Sharen HauriSalt Lake City, UT
Mark HooyerCottonwood Heights, UT
Brent HulmeSalt Lake City, UT
Josalyn BatesSalt Lake City, UT
Don WilliamsCottonwood Heights, UT
Jessica L AsherHill Air Force Base, UT
Tiffany PezzuloSalt Lake City, UT
Ian ScharineSalt Lake City, UT
Suzanne JohnsonSalt Lake City, UT
William HuffSalt Lake City, UT
Jose MartinezSalt Lake City, UT
Rachel McMahonSalt Lake City, UT
Bryon DangerfieldSouth Jordan, UT
Jen ColbySalt Lake City, UT
Aaron ArdmoreProvo, UT
Amy KopischkeCottonwood Heights, UT
Spencer KellySt. George, UT
Tarah HarlinSalt Lake City, UT
Steffany CoatesSalt Lake City, UT
Jacquelyn MauerSalt Lake City, UT
Kimball WhitakerTaylorsville, UT
Benjamin G. EbelLayton, UT
Ryan WallaceSalt Lake City, UT
Bryce WardSalt Lake City, UT
Lynn TaylorMidvale, UT
Russell MartinProvo, UT
Jack LasleySalt Lake City, UT
Karin AdamsSalt Lake City, UT
Don ClausSalt Lake City, UT
Wim R. CardoenSalt Lake City, UT
Chris FordhamWest Valley City, UT
Sean McKennaSalt Lake City, UT
Elizabeth HoustmanOgden, UT
Timothy FiackSouth Jordan, UT
Charlie ZacherSalt Lake City, UT
Emily ButlinSalt Lake City, UT
Matt MoonSalt Lake City, UT
Katie McClintickSalt Lake City, UT
B LarsonSalt Lake City, UT
Jeff StenquistDraper, UT
Shanna EdwardsHarrisville, UT
Jennifer KlinkSalt Lake City, UT
Gerrard AllamSalt Lake City, UT
Rebecca VelasquezSalt Lake City, UT
Grant BaronSalt Lake City, UT
Michael AckleyOgden, UT
Brian KolbeWoods Cross, UT
Losaunne WhiteKaysville, UT
Jessica GalavizHolladay, UT
Heidi GoedhartSalt Lake City, UT
Kerry DoaneSalt Lake City, UT
Logan WhiteheadSalt Lake City, UT
Melissa PhillipsSalt Lake City, UT
Laynee JonesSalt Lake City, UT
Craig AllenHooper, UT
Josh JonesSalt Lake City, UT
Travis JensenSalt Lake City, UT
Jacob SplanSalt Lake City, UT
Tim HarpstSalt Lake City, UT
Laura HansonSalt Lake City, UT
Jena CarverSalt Lake City, UT
Jaren StantoSalt Lake City, UT
Rachel TaylorSalt Lake City, UT
Jill GaughanSalt Lake City, UT
Alexa WilsonSalt Lake City, UT
Krysta NiemczykSalt Lake City, UT
Natalie ReichSalt Lake City, UT
Scott CowdreySalt Lake City, UT
Derek KitchenSalt Lake City, UT
John FifeSalt Lake City, UT
Justin BarrettSandy, UT
Laura GoogasianSandy, UT
Andrew SullivanSalt Lake City, UT
Dan FazziniTaylorsville, UT
Jennifer MilnerSalt Lake City, UT
Maria VyasSalt Lake City, UT
Rob ScottWashington Terrace, UT
Jory JohnerSyracuse, UT
Duane SchafferMurray, UT
Jon LarsenSalt Lake City
Lonnie HunterDraper
Peter McMullinDraper
Kara BlackSalt Lake City
Soren SimonsenSalt Lake City
Wendelin KnoblochMagna, UT
Judy PoundsSalt Lake City
Sara Rose TannenbaumSalt Lake City
Dan BergenthalDraper
Robin HutchesonSalt Lake City
Phil SarnoffSalt Lake City
Kelan StanfillSalt Lake City
Laura NiceSalt Lake City
Colin Quinn-HurstSalt Lake City

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"I support bicycling. I support bicycling for everyday trips and for fun. I support bicycling on city streets, scenic roads, bike paths and trails. I value safe and comfortable bicycle routes that accommodate people of all ages and abilities. I support involving new people and communities in bicycling, through education and promotion. I recognize the many benefits of bicycling, including the benefits to drivers. I believe that bicycling improves air quality and health and strengthens my community. That is why I pledge my support for better bicycling throughout the region. I believe that together we can make our community a better place to ride."

Thank you for your support. By adding your name, you show your support of bicycling and receive regular updates on events, programs and projects. We respect your privacy and promise not to share your personal information.


Bicycling was a part of many festivals and events throughout 2013, with people riding their bikes to concerts, markets and more. The Salt Lake City Bicycle Collective provides valet bicycle parking at many local events. Visit the Salt Lake City Bicycle Collective for more details and updates on valet bicycle parking events, locations, and times.

GREENbike - SLC Bike Share Program Launch

April 8
In April 2013, Bike Share launched with 10 bike share stations placed strategically throughout downtown Salt Lake City. More than 100+ bikes are dispersed to create a network of high-end, commuter-friendly bicycles designed to make getting around downtown Salt Lake fun and easy.

Utah Bike Summit at the University of Utah

Friday, April 26 - 8am-4pm - University of Utah Campus
In April of 2013, The 5th annual Utah Bike Summit took place at the University of Utah Guest House. This conference provides a great opportunity to network, collaborate, educate and empower all cycling enthusiasts. The goal is for cycling advocates to come together with joint interests to improve cycling infrastructure and safety, get more Utahns on bikes, and bring more cycling tourism to our state.

Open Streets Salt Lake City

Saturday, May 4 - 10am - 2:30am, 300 South from 600 West to 200 East
On Saturday May 4, 2013, Salt Lake City hosted Utah's first Open Streets event to engage new people in bicycling and physical activity. The event temporarily opened a route of city streets exclusively to walking, biking, and other forms of active transportation. This event included activities such as exercise classes, dance classes, music, food, games and other attractions along the downtown corridor of 300 South/Broadway between the City & County Building and the Rio Grande Depot. The event coincided with the LiveGreen Festival, happening at the east end of the route on the same day. Find out more about Open Streets events at the Open Streets Project website.

LiveGreen Festival

Saturday, May 4, Library Square, 11am-6pm
The 10th Annual LiveGreen Festival took place at Library Square, at one end of the Open Streets route. Ride your bike down and enjoy both events! The LiveGreen Festival provides valet parking for bicycles, providing a safe place to store your bike after a morning at Open Streets. Find out more about vale parking locations at the LiveGreen Festival web-page.

Bicycle Ambassadors - Program Launch

April 29
In April 2013, Salt Lake County launched the Road Respect Bicycle Ambassador program. Bicycle Ambassadors are a group of enthusiastic and knowledgeable citizens who travel by bicycle, encourage others to bicycle, serve as positive examples of responsible cycling, and act as community resources for safe cycling.

Salt Lake Bike Party

Second Friday of Every Month, 7pm, City & County Building, Salt Lake City This monthly, casual-paced and family-friendly ride through the Salt Lake Valley was initiated in May 2013. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend. Salt Lake Bike Party is an opportunity for all types of bicyclists to ride throughout the Salt Lake area in a safe, fun environment that encourages more people to bicycle. The ride encourages riding safely and following all traffic rules; building a strong community of bicyclists; fostering mutual respect between bicyclists and motorists, and having fun--- smiling, waving, laughing, meeting new people, dressing up and playing music. For more information, visit

Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan Update

Salt Lake City is updating the 2004 Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan to guide the future of new bikeways, pedestrian crossings, walkable/bikeable business areas, and education outreach and events in Salt Lake City. Two Open Houses sought public feedback and presented preliminary recommendations for: priority pedestrian improvements; a citywide bicycle network; education and enforcement programs, and a University to Downtown bikeway. The resulting plan update will set the course for making Salt Lake City a major bicycling city in the years to come, guiding projects and programs to elevate bicycling as a way to travel in the city.

Utah Cooperative Active Transportation Study (UCATS)

A coalition of regional transportation agencies including the Utah Transit Authority, the Utah Department of Transportation, and the Wasatch Front Regional Council, completed a regional study to determine new bikeway connections to transit. The resulting plan included a list of �Top 25� projects for connecting bikeways to transit across the region.

WFRC Active Transportation Committee

The Wasatch Front Regional Council formed the Active Transportation Committee in 2012, bringing together elected officials and representatives from Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Davis, Weber, and Utah Counties, the Utah Department of Transportation, Utah Transit Authority, and Utah Department of Health. The committee continued to meet throughout 2013, and succeeded in pushing forward plans for infrastructure and policies that support walking and bicycling. The committee's recommendations will be reflected in future updates to the regional transportation system.

UTA Active Transportation & Health Summit

Friday, September 13, 8:00am to 3:30pm. Sheraton Hotel. This one-day summit brought together people from across the state to boost the discussion of active transportation as it relates to health, economics, and policy. The event featured keynote speaker Mark Fenton, an advocate and frequent consultant on bicycle and pedestrian community plans, and a recognized authority on public health issues and the need for community, environmental, and public-policy initiatives to encourage more walking, bicycling, and transit use. Tracks covered health impact assessments, health care costs, bikeonomics, walkonomics, return on investment for active transportation projects, as well as policy and implementation issues, such as community planning and design.

Smart Trips

Salt Lake City's SmartTrips program ran for its second year. This program encourages the use of active and public transportation. Increasing the use of bicycling for transportation purposes is a key component of this program, taking the form of classes, route-finding assistance, and additional print resources.

University of Utah - Bike to the U Day

On Bike to the U Day, the University of Utah Commuter Services and Sustainability offices encouraged students and faculty arriving by bicycle at the University, the number one bicycle commuting destination in Utah. With free bicycle registration, bicycle locks, bagels and drinks, the weekly Farmers Market at the University rewarded students who biked to campus. The University of Utah is also putting together a proposal for Commuter Services to staff the Bicycle Shop on campus and reinstate the UBike Rental Program ('Save a Sole, Ride a Bike'). They are also partnering with the Bicycle Collective to offer a Bicycle Valet for Football Games and other events on campus. The U. recently installed a Bicycle Cage at the BUC Building. It is UCard activated and acts as a case study for the construction of other facilities like this on main campus.

Mayor's Bike to Work Day

Tuesday, May 7 - 7:30am - 8:30am, Liberty Park to County Government Building to City Hall
The annual Mayor's Bike to Work Day ride with Salt Lake City's Mayor, Ralph Becker & Salt Lake County's Mayor, Ben McAdams, starts at the north end of Liberty Park. The ride proceeds through some of SLC's favorite neighborhoods with a stop at the County Complex and the final stop at the City and County Building. Bagels are provided at the County Complex along with the City and County building. Check out the route map for the ride.

Bicycle Commuter Pit Stops

Friday, May 17 - 7:30am - 10:30am - Intersections of 800 South/600 East and 200 South/200 West
Bicycle commuters stopped by and received free snacks and beverages, safety information, bike maps, and other resources for bicycling in Salt Lake City. The Pit Stops are a partnership with Bike Utah.

UTA Bike Bonanza

Friday, May 17 - 4:00pm - 8:00pm, Gallivan Plaza
The UTA Bike Bonanza recognizes Bike to Work Week, with bicycle-oriented vendors, goodie bags, and demonstrations. The SLC Transportation Division distributed bike maps and other resources about bicycling in Salt Lake City.

Bikeways Map Update

Salt Lake City's Bikeways Map has been updated with new bikeways completed through 2012. The new map was released in May 2013 and is available at local bike shops and the Salt Lake City & County Building.

Guest Speaker April Economides

Bicycle Friendly Business Districts
Friday, May 31, 12:30-1:30pm, Salt Lake City Main Library

Imagine a place where business owners bicycle to meetings, employees commute by bike and customers are incentivized to bike and shop local. A Bicycle-Friendly Business District (BFBD) is such a place. To establish North America's first BFBDs, the City of Long Beach hired sustainable urban planning expert April Economides. On May 31 at the Main Library, April presented to a group of business owners, Neighborhood Business District representatives, transportation planners and students about Bicycle-Friendly Business Districts that support both bicycling and local business.

Whole Foods Bike to Breakfast

Saturday, June 1. Sugar House Whole Foods. Anyone who rides their bike to Whole Foods in Sugar House on the morning of Saturday June 1 received a free breakfast from local purveyors at the second annual Whole Foods Bike to Breakfast! The event took place at the Sugar House Whole Foods at 1131 Wilmington Avenue, near the intersection of Highland Drive and 2100 South in Salt Lake City.

Bike Prom

Saturday, June 1. A couple hundred fine folks brought out their bikes and fancy duds and met up with friends at the northeast corner of Liberty Park on Saturday June 1. At 6:30, the group went forth on an easy-paced pre-prom ride through town, ending at Pierpont Place. There, everyone parked at the Bike Valet and headed on in for dancing, drinks, pictures, and tons of fun.

For all the details, check out the Facebook event or go straight to All proceeds benefitted the Bicycle Collective.

Road Respect Festival, Salt Lake City

Friday, June 14, Liberty Park: 7:00am - Road Ride, 12:00pm - Commuter Ride.
The Church at Liberty Park: 4:00pm - Family Festival, 6:30pm - Road Respect Awards Ceremony, 7:00pm - Cycle the City Ride.

This all-day festival culminated in an evening of family-friendly bicycle festivities. The event was part of the annual statewide Road Respect bicycle tour, which travels around Utah promoting mutual respect between people driving and bicycling. The day began with a long road ride that left at 7:00 am from the west side of Liberty Park. At noon, a Commuter Ride left from Liberty Park, led by the Salt Lake County Bicycle Ambassadors.

From 4:00pm to 8:00pm, the family festival took place with booths, vendors, bicycle demonstrations, a bicycle rodeo, mountain bike demonstrations by the Utah High School Mountain Biking league, and more. At 6:30, the Road Respect organizers presented Salt Lake City and Salt Lake County with official designation as the state's first Road Respect Communities. The evening culminated with an easy-paced, family-friendly bicycle ride from Liberty Park led by Visit Salt Lake. The ride joined up with the monthly Salt Lake Bike Party and toured the city before returning to Liberty Park.

Tour de France Viewing Party

Thursday, July 18, 6 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. MT (doors open 5:30 a.m.)
Megaplex 12 at the Gateway - Theatre 3
165 South Rio Grande Street, Salt Lake City
Free Admission

The ever-popular Tour de France cycling race was hosted LIVE on the big screen. Thursday, July 18, featured an epic race in the French Alps, with two ascents of the renowned l'Alpe d'Huez. During commercial breaks in the live broadcast, prizes were given away from Tour of Utah sponsors and some of the pro teams. All admission was free, and refreshments were provided.

Larry H. Miller Tour of Utah

August 6-11 (Friday August 9 Stage Four in Salt Lake City).
Salt Lake City hosted Stage Four of the six-day Tour of Utah professional cycling stage race. On Friday, August 9, spectators enjoyed a popular multi-lap circuit that began and ended near the state Capitol. More details will follow at

Twilight Concert Series

July - August
This event is a major draw for people on bikes, and Salt Lake City Transportation provided bicycle resources and rules of the road materials at the concerts.

Downtown Farmers Market

Saturdays, June - September, Pioneer Park at 300 West and 400 South
The Downtown Farmers Market encourages people arriving by bike, all summer long. On Saturday mornings, a stream of families on bicylces takes over 300 South as they pedal to the market. The Downtown Farmers Market encourages people arriving by bike, and the Salt Lake City Bicycle Collective provides valet bicycle parking at the event. Salt Lake City Transportation provided bicycle resources and rules of the road materials at selected markets during the summer. For more information about the Farmers Market, visit their page.

Clear the Air Challenge

July 1-31
A month-long contest, the Clear the Air Challenge promotes transportation options other than driving alone.