Bicycle Commuter Pit Stops

On your bicycle commute, stop by and fuel up on free snacks, and pick up information about bicycling in Salt Lake City. Commuter Pit Stops promote bicycling for daily transportation, providing free snacks, beverages and resources for people on bikes. The Pit Stops take place on popular bicycle commuting days throughout the year, such as National Bike to Work Day. Our first Pit Stop took place on May 18, National Bike to Work Day 2012, at the intersection of 600 East and 800 South. Future times and locations will be announced on this page. The Commuter Pit Stops are a joint effort by Bike Utah and the Salt Lake City Transportation Division.

Be Bright, Be Seen

This summer, special Commuter Pit Stops will offer FREE bicycle lights and bike safety information in the evening following popular community events. The light give-aways will reach out to those riding without lights, in order to promote road safety. Locations, and times will not be announced in advance, in order to focus on those who do not already own bike lights. For people on bikes who already have lights, the Pit Stops will still provide free snacks, beverages, stickers and other nice perks.