Statewide Advocacy

Bike Utah & The Utah Bike Summit

Bike Utah is a statewide non-profit organization focused on education and advocacy for bicycling. The mission of Bike Utah is to promote and preserve the safety, opportunities, and responsibilities of cyclists through legislation, education, and facilities development to meet the following objectives:

  • To work for good laws and legislation which promote safe cycling.
  • To participate in transportation planning and construction to provide accommodations for safe cycling.
  • To educate cyclists and motorists about safe cycling, sharing the road, and obeying the law.
  • To assist in the development, growth, and effectiveness of local cycling advocacy groups.
  • To develop a network of safe cycling routes throughout Utah.
  • To promote sustainable, healthy lifestyles.
  • To support Utah's cycling industry.

Bike Utah advocates for increased bicycle use by promoting the bicycle as an everyday means of transportation and recreation. Cycling is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, maintain good health, and travel around town.

Utah Bike Summit

Among Bike Utah's signature events is the annual Utah Bike Summit held in late April or early May of each year. The first Utah Bike Summit was held in 2010 in Salt Lake City. Subsequent summits were held in Sandy (2011) and Ogden (2012), with increasing registration and participation each year. This statewide event grew out of the Salt Lake City Bike Summit, which was first held in 2009.

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