Bicycle Education in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City provides bicycle education programs to improve road safety while also promoting inexpensive, healthy and fun ways to travel in Salt Lake City. New programs will tie into existing efforts carried out across the region and state, while also expanding in an effort to reach all people using Salt Lake City roads, whether walking, bicycling or driving.


Salt Lake Police Department Bike Safety Rodeos

The Salt Lake City Police Department runs more than twenty Bike Safety Rodeos each year, using a portable bicycle safety course to teach bike-handling skills to school-age children. To inquire about a bike safety rodeo for your group, contact the Police Department:
>> Salt Lake City Police Department

Salt Lake City Bikeways Map

The Salt Lake City Transportation Division provides bike safety information via the Bikeways Map. With 23,000 copies printed in 2011, and another 20,000 will be printed for distribution in 2013.
>> Salt Lake City Bikeways Map

Bicycle safety brochures and law cards

Bicycle safety brochures and law cards have been printed for distribution at community events.
>> Bicycle safety brochures and law cards

  • NEW - Bike rack messages

    Stickers with bicycle safety messages are being printed for application to all city-owned bike racks in the spring and summer of 2012. These decals will also be available for bike parking at private businesses.
    >> NEW - Bike rack messages

  • NEW - Online bicycle videos

    A series of online videos will demonstrate safe bicycling behaviors, traffic skills and rules of the road through short, informative segments.
    >> Salt Lake City Transportation Division's YouTube Channel

  • NEW - Bicycle Commuter Pit Stops

    In partnership with Bike Utah, the Bicycle Pit Stops will provide free snacks, refreshments, promotional materials and bicycle safety information on selected mornings throughout the year.
    >> NEW - Bicycle Commuter Pit Stops


    Regional and statewide organizations provide valuable resources for bicycle safety education.

    Utah Department of Transportation Safe Neighborhood Access Program (SNAP)

    The SNAP program provides biking and walking safety assemblies at schools statewide. The SNAP program also develops Safe Routes to School maps, and leads walking and biking events.
    >> Safe Neighborhood Access Program (SNAP)

    Road Respect

    The Road Respect Tour puts on bicycle safety promotional events throughout the state, as part of an annual week-long bike tour.
    >> Road Respect

    Bicycle Classes

    Local organizations such as the Salt Lake City Bicycle Collective, the Granite Peaks School District, the University of Utah and REI offer classes on topics including bike safety, bicycle maintenance, and bicycle commuting.
    >> Bicycling Classes

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