Lock it or Lose it

As bicycling becomes more popular in a community, bicycles become more desireable. This can lead to an increase in bicycle theft.

To prevent bicycle theft, bicyclists are well advised to use a good lock. An unattended, unlocked bicycle is its own getaway vehicle!

A U-lock is recommended for locking the front wheel and triangle of the frame to a solid fixed object (such as a bicycle rack). If you don't want to carry the weight of a full size U-lock, consider using a mini U-lock (but learn to use it correctly).

Cable locks are more easily cut than U-locks.

Record your serial number

If your bicycle is stolen, police will have a hard time returning it to you, even if found, unless you know your bicycle's serial number, typically located on the bottom of the bicycle underneath the crankshaft (bottom bracket). Licensing your bicycle at a SLC bike shop, police station, or fire station should ensure that your serial number is recorded, and is also required by law. Salt Lake City Ordinance 12.80.010.

Where to lock it

Salt Lake City has a variety of bicycle parking options -- including racks, corrals, a bicycle transit center, and valet bicycle parking at events.