Discounts for Bicyclists

Bicycle Benefits

Bicycle Benefits is a year-round program which rewards bicycle riding to businesses, restaurants and markets in Salt Lake City. To join, cyclists need to purchase a $5 helmet sticker at one of the 80+ partnering businesses and then show your helmet when you pedal to any participating location. The sticker does not expire and new locations are joining every month.

Get a sticker and support a bicycle friendly business! For complete listing of participating bicycle friendly businesses in Salt Lake check out Bicycle Benefits.

Tap it SLC - Water Refills

Water is especially important in our hot, dry Utah summers. Looking for a spot to refill your water bottle? Salt Lake City's office of Sustainability promotes reusable water bottles instead of disposables. Businesses will refill your bottles with tap water for free.

Although this program is perfect for bicyclist, walkers and drivers are also welcome to a free water bottle refill. Locations are listed on the Tap It SLC website.