Picking Bicycle Routes

The route you are accustomed to drive in your car may not be the best route on your bike. Aside from multi-use trails, Salt Lake City's grid system provides plenty of options for choosing a bicycle route to suit your style.

Some bicyclists prefer quiet neighborhood streets, while others like the faster pace of arterial routes. Riding on quiet streets may be slower, because you will have to wait for a break in traffic to cross arterial streets. Arterial streets with bike lanes may be a good choice if you want through-roads that also provide you with bicycle-preferred space.

If you are new to bicycling in the city, spend some time exploring which streets work best for you. The Salt Lake City Bikeways Map is a valuable resource in selecting the best way to go.

When selecting a route, you may wish to consider:

  • Traffic speed and volume.
  • Available multi-use or mountain bike trails.
  • Intersections and crossings -- both for safety, and for approaches that give you the right-of-way.
  • Traffic signal timing.
  • Hills -- and particularly steep grades.
  • Shade trees, especially in the summer.

Bicycles and the law

Bicycles are considered vehicles by law, and must follow traffic laws, signs, and signals like any other vehicle.