Avoiding Hazards

Look ahead of you on the road to anticipate and avoid road hazards such as gravel, broken glass, and potholes. Report problems by calling the SLC Streets Division at 801-535-6999.

Train Tracks and Drain Grates

Train and Streetcar tracks and drain gates create two hazards for cyclists:

  • Wheel Grabbers --

    Tracks and drain grates can create a "Slot" that can grab your wheel. If your wheel gets lodged in the groove of a track or drain grate, it can stop your bicycle suddenly, throwing you over the handlebars. Or the slot can disrupt your balance and make you crash. To avoid these problems, cross tracks at right angles and avoid drain grates.

  • Slippery When Wet --

    Tracks, drain grates, and other metal surfaces can be slippery when wet. Use extra caution.

Avoid the Door Prize

The door zone is a dangerous place to ride a bike. Ride about 3-4 feet away from parked cars. On streets with bike lanes next to parked cars, ride on the left-hand side of the bike lane. If there are gaps between parked cars, do not weave into the gaps but continue to ride in a predictable, straight line.

Driveway Dangers

Cars pulling into or out of driveways can present a hazard to bicyclists, especially if you are riding on the sidewalk or on the far right side of the road. Use extra caution when crossing driveways on the sidewalk. When riding on the road, if there is no traffic behind you, move slightly to the left in the lane, where drivers are looking for traffic. If necessary, wave or yell.