2015 Bike Count Sign-Up Information

It's Time to Count Bikes

The Salt Lake City Transportation Division is currently seeking volunteers for the 2015 SLC Bike Count, and your help is needed. Read on below, and CLICK HERE to sign up.

About the Bike Count

Since 2010, Salt Lake City has participated in the National Bicycle / Pedestrian Documentation Project to track the number of bicyclists throughout the city. Volunteers assist the City in recording the number of bicyclists at key intersection locations throughout the city. By gathering consistent data from year to year, it is our intention to provide better information about how bicycle use is changing and growing in our community. Your participation in this project assists our efforts to improve the transportation infrastructure, making streets safer for both motor vehicle operators and bicycling alike. Since the inception of this project, we have witnessed an increase in overall bicycle traffic. With your support, it is our vision to create a community where bicycling is safe, comfortable, and convenient for everyone.

What will the 2015 data show us? Have recent infrastructure improvements continued to spur the growth of bicycling in Salt Lake City? Will the percentage of female bicyclists change as we add more protected bike infrastructure? Help us find out!

The 2015 SLC Bike Count will be held:

• September 15 - 17 (Tuesday through Thursday) 5 - 7 PM

• September 19 - 20 (Saturday and Sunday) Noon - 2 PM

The 2015 Count locations can be found HERE

How You Can Help

Volunteers are needed to fill either 1 or 2 hours shifts manually counting the number of bicyclists riding through specific intersections during “peak hours” throughout SLC. Each count location is staffed by only one volunteer for each time slot; please do be sure you can commit to count when you sign up.

For questions or additional information contact Anna Swenson, the 2015 Bike Count Coordinator at or 801-535-6112 (Mon 4-6, Tues 2-6, Thurs 2-6 or Fri 12-5).

**Volunteers are very welcome to sign up for more than one location and time slot. Thank you! ** Your help is greatly appreciated.